Yumporium – the connoisseur’s marketplace

Yumporium is devoted to fine food, unique wines and artisanal beer. We are the emporium of all things yum, showcasing distinctive and rare fare of exceptional quality from small entrepreneurial businesses.

Yumporium loves handmade merchandise and discovering new delicious treats. We are the trusted and convenient source for all your favourite products from all over the world.

More about us

Leoni Kotze, the founder of Yumporium, is an avid lover of good food and wine.

Having traveled to places such as Italy, France, the Far East and North America, Leoni is in her element when she’s discovering unique products, intriguing ingredients and delectable delicacies.

A self-confessed perfectionist with a strong creative streak, Leoni is very excited about introducing Yumporium to South Africa. As she says, “I have a passion to learn more about interesting foods and wines, as well as the suppliers behind them. It’s a delight to travel and find special goodies to share with Yumporium customers.”