A Leaf


This design makes use of a somewhat underused item in the technical community: a leaf. The original image is from FreeImages; I just used my very limited PhotoShop skills to hack it up a bit.

An H2 Subheading

This design is valid XHTML 1.1. Unfortunately, due to the opacity of the menu buttons, the CSS will not validate. "Opacity" is a CSS3 valid object, however Internet Explorer 6, as usual, doesn't recognise the opacity element. A proprietary IE opacity object has been used to create the same opacity effect in IE, but this will cause CSS validation to fail. If you are a validation Nazi you can easily remove the IE opacity effect; the design will work without it. But people using Internet Explorer should be given more reason to upgrade :)

This design is released under the Creative Commons license. Do what you will with it; the only thing I request in return is that you leave the link to my Web site intact.

The leaf background image is only 788 pixels high, but your content can go for as long as you want. Once the image ends, a nice green colour will fade in. You can also add more items to the menu; just make sure you change the minimum height of the #content div.

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